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Work and Life

Advantages of Working for Yourself

Written by: Akua Hinds

October 18, 2017

Advantages of Working For Yourself. Written by: Akua Hinds



Working for yourself holds many huge advantages that are not available to people who choose to work for someone else.  Some people might argue and say that they are working for themselves regardless, even if they are not self-employed.  While it is true that any work a person does is for their own benefit because the money made puts food on the table, being self-employed requires a completely different mindset and skills.  People who choose to work for themselves have varying reasons for wanting to do so.  This article will outline the many advantages of working for yourself and if you haven’t thought seriously about doing it, by the end of reading this you definitely will!

 Job Security

These two words have bandied around a lot since the global recession hit.  Many people are worried about job security because companies are cutting back and letting go of loyal employees.  People who lose their jobs often feel panicked and uncertain about finding another job.  Those concerns don’t even factor in for people who work for themselves.  Self-employed people can never get fired because they are the captains of their career ships.  They set a goal to get a certain amount of business done and create their own job security.   

 Flexibility and freedom

One of the most empowering benefits to working for yourself is knowing that your time and how you choose to spend it is your own.  That is not the case when you choose to work for someone else’s company.  When you work for someone else, your time and freedoms are sacrificed making someone else’s company thrive at your expense.  If you want to go on vacation or a family member is ill and you need to take care of them, your boss has to “approve” your request to take time off.  It is so degrading to have to ask permission to enjoy your life or take care of family because your request for time off might not suit a “company’s needs.”  People who work for themselves don’t need to worry about this!  Their time is their own and they can structure their working days around their needs. 


Some people don’t work well with supervisors constantly hounding them and inspecting their work.  Being a subordinate to someone else in the workplace is only a pleasant experience if your boss treats you well and your needs are treated with the utmost importance.  Unfortunately, in the working world the employee’s needs are often ignored in order to meet the company’s needs.   Being treated like just another number in the company can feel very demeaning.  People who work for themselves understand that they are number one in their own lives and their company. 

Unlimited income potential

People who choose to work for other people are limited to how much money they can make.  There is always a “glass ceiling” if you work at other people’s companies; you can only move up so high on the corporate ladder and you have no control over how much your salary will be.  People who work for themselves are able to set their own rates of pay making financial freedom a true reality for them because there is never a glass ceiling limiting their potential.

If the downsides from working for someone else is stressing you out and negatively affecting your life, then it is time to consider other career options.  There is no greater job security than working for yourself.  When you are self-employed no one is threatening to fire you and forcing you to take a pay cut.  There is no one looking over your shoulder to supervise your work when you are self-employed and your quality time with your family does not get sacrificed the way it would if you worked for someone else.  Your self-esteem and sense of important life values will rise when you work for yourself because you alone are creating and shaping your destiny the way you want it to be.  Working for yourself requires a lot of determination, organization and hard work but the benefits and rewards are plentiful.  

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