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Fun Home Date Ideas

Written by: Akua Hinds

January 6, 2017


Fun Home Date Ideas.  Written by: Akua Hinds

The winter season is a perfect excuse to stay home, curl up under the sheets, and watch a good movie. But, who said that you have to be alone when you relax and unwind at home?  There are many dating experts who teach singles and couples about dating etiquette rules, but there are no rules against having dates in your home.  Sure, it can be fun to have dates at amusement parks, concerts, movies, and restaurants.  But if your home is where your heart is, there is no reason why you can’t have dates at your place.  If you think your home is a boring place to host a date, it doesn’t need to be.  Here are some fun date ideas that you can try at home:

Cooking Class

Fun Home Date Ideas. Written by: Akua Hinds

Food and dates are often intertwined.  Why not have cooking sessions at your place for you and your mate?  Cook something that the two of you have never eaten together before.  There are many recipes that you can find from family recipes, cookbooks, Internet recipe websites, and Pinterest.  From ice cream, to your favourite lasagna, the possibilities are endless for making something tasty and fun.  Document your date by taking pictures of the two of you creating your meal, print the photos, and put them in a special scrapbook along with a copy of the recipe of the meal you two made.  You’ll both savour the memories of the time you spent enjoying each other’s’ company in your kitchen while preparing a delicious meal. 

Movie Time

Fun Home Date Ideas.  Written by: Akua Hinds

There are so many movies to explore, and there are probably movies that you haven’t even heard of.  Use the Internet to step outside of your viewer zone, and open your mind and your date’s mind to classic films.  I don’t know about you, but today’s movies cannot compare to films from the 1930s and 1940s in terms of storyline, acting, production, and direction.  Classic movies were very well done for the most part, and I marvel at how the themes explored in films back then still hold relevance today.  Watch classic movies and take a trip back in time to when there was no internet, typewriters were used regularly instead of computers, and all of the telephones available were landline phones.   Not that the internet, computers, and cell phones are bad, but it’s good to remember that the technology we have today wasn’t always available and people were still able to lead fulfilling lives without it.  Light a fire and get cozy.  Find a classic movie channel on television, or, use YouTube to watch uploaded classic films. 

Play Games

Emotional mind games are bad to play with the person you adore.  But, board games and card games are fun.  Which one of you is a more strategic wordsmith?  A game of Scrabble will help you both to find out.  Who stands a stronger chance of getting a windfall and scooping up lots of valuable properties?  Playing Monopoly will reveal that answer.  Is there a detective inside of you that longs to be unleashed?  Show off your problem solving skills by playing a game of Clue.  There are so many fun games that you can play at your home, and best of all, you can play for as long as you and your date want to play.

Dates at your home will be comfortable and best of all, they won’t be costly.  You are already paying to maintain your home, so why not have fun in it as well?  Creating positive memories at home dates starts with a positive attitude and a willingness to cooperate.  You can choose to try these date ideas with just you and your partner, or, you can invite friends over to your home to join in on the fun. 

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