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The Power of Eye Contact on a Date

Written by: Akua Hinds

May 18, 2016


The Power of Eye Contact on a Date.  Written by Akua Hinds


As most people are aware and can attest to, dating is an emotional process.  You go on a date hoping to make an emotional connection with someone who will add positive things to your life.  Our eyes and mouths are the most expressive facial features we have to portray our emotions.  Using your eyes, you can portray feelings of interest, anger, disbelief, happiness and much more.  When eyes are met, souls connect.  With regards to dating, you must make eye contact with the person you are trying to get closer to if you want your dating experience to be successful.  

The Power of Eye Contact on a Date. Written by: Akua Hinds

The process of dating involves getting to know each other so that you can determine whether or not you two would be a compatible match.  Maybe the two of you met via Internet dating and you have yet to meet face to face.  If this is the case, once you do meet face to face, make an effort to keep your eyes firmly focused on your date.  In public places like bars and restaurants, there are many distractions from television sets and other people having their own conversations.   A true test if you and your date are interested in each other is when you both ignore the surrounding distractions and focus on each other.  You don’t need to stare at each other during the entire date but you should be using your eyes to study each other’s body language.  Are his eyes staring at your eyes when you talk, or are they trailing to your cleavage?  Is she matching your eye contact gaze for gaze, or do her eyes consistently roam to check out your muscular looking waiter who is wearing tight pants?  A person’s eyes and the direction they are looking in reveal their thoughts and intentions. 

The term “eye sex” is being widely used on Internet message boards to describe actions between television characters who are interested in each other, and the term applies to real life situations too.  The meaning of “eye sex” means just what it sounds: undressing each other with your eyes and making it clear that you are interested in each other.  In other words, it’s the modern version of the “come hither look.”  If you really want to know if your date is going well, it’s all in the eyes. 

Study the eyes to get a sense of the intentions.  If both of you are smiling a lot and holding each other’s gazes in a warm and tender way, then it is clear that the date is going well and you two might be a good match.  If you both aren’t making much eye contact and are easily distracted, then there probably won’t be another date between you two.  So, when it comes to dating, put your best gaze forward and let your eyes reveal your inner thoughts and intentions, good or bad. 

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