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Valid Reason to Consider Reuniting with Your Ex

Written by: Akua Hinds

May 11, 2018

Valid Reasons to Consider Reuniting with Your Ex.  Written by: Akua Hinds


If you are like most people who have fallen in love, you have thought about reuniting with a former flame.  You might have thought about your former mate many times immediately after you broke up, and then the memories of your time together faded and you focused on moving forward.  But for some reason, you can’t stop thinking about the good times that you two used to share.  Should you reach out and contact your former significant other who you shared a significant part of your life with?  Here is a list of valid reasons to give your ex another chance:

1.     You have changed and you believe that it is possible that your ex has changed too.  There is hope that your newfound maturity and perspective will lead to a stronger connection when you rebuild the relationship.

2.     There is a persistent feeling in your heart that the two of you belong together. Some people cannot get over each other and they keep re-entering each other’s lives, and that describes you and your ex to a tee.

3.     You feel ready to try again, and you heard it through the grapevine that your ex still thinks about you and wants to reunite with you.  You feel optimistic about the signals that you have gotten through mutual friends about how your ex feels. Or, even better, your ex has told you that he or she wants to reunite with you.

4.     No one else who you have dated since your relationship with your ex has come close to meaning as much to you as your ex once did.

5.     Now feels like it is the right time to be together.  Your timing together was off before.  Now, things might work better because you are in better places in your lives.  

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