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Why College Students Need More Than a Degree to Get a Job

Written by: Akua Hinds

October 5, 2018

Why College Students Need More than a Degree to Get a Job.  Written by: Akua Hinds


Convocation is an exciting time in a graduate’s life, but there are no guarantees when a student graduates.  New graduates may be surprised to learn that their new degrees will not necessarily open the doors that they thought they would.  College is helpful for acquiring skills, working on projects, and networking, but there are things that simply cannot be taken for granted.  One thing that gets taken for granted all of the time is the importance of taking initiative.  Finding a job or building a business requires more than just having a degree.  Here are some things you need to consider when looking for a job:


How you interact with other people will impact not just your opportunities with careers, but it will also impact your opportunities in life.  Meeting prospective employers can be daunting because you have no idea what they think of you.  However, if you are pleasant and maintain good eye contact with them, you will give potential employers a reason to remember you in a positive way. 

Small Details

There are so many different things that you need to keep in mind when you work on your resume.  The grammar and structure of your resume needs to be perfect if you want a potential employer to contact you for an interview.  Also, many employers are using computer systems to scan resumes and search for specific words that highlight what the job requires.  For instance, if a position requires knowledge of Microsoft Excel, the scanner will highlight that.  You should work on revising your resume over at least a five consecutive day period because each day that you look at your resume you will see something new that you did not notice the previous time that you glanced at it. 


People who move forward in life are those who are willing to take initiative and be creative.  Simply put, you need to do whatever is necessary to stand out from your competition.  If you are rusty at exercising your creativity, consider starting your own part-time business.  Having a business of your own is a great way to learn how to be independent, self-sufficient, and proactive.  Running your own business is one of the fastest ways to figure out how to sink or swim.  Being your own boss will teach you lessons about yourself and what you are capable of. And, listing your business management experience will certainly look good on your resume and increase your chances of being hired at the company of your choice!

When I had graduated from college, entrepreneurship was not a thought in my mind at all.  I assumed that I would be happiest by building a career working for someone else’s company.  And, for a short while, I did work exclusively as an employee.  However, I started building my own entrepreneurial business throughout college and I kept working on my business part-time while working as an employee.  When you get your diploma, always remember that each person has 3 career choices in life; get a job, start a business, or do both at the same time. 

It is perfectly fine to be an employee, an employer, or to juggle both roles in your life.  Keep your options open, and remember that your degree is a wonderful stepping stone and your certificate will look wonderful hanging on your wall.  But remember that you cannot rely only upon your education to help you get a job.  You must show initiative each and every moment that you work on building your future.  Your initiative will help you to open doors to the new opportunities that you seek. 

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